Church Partnership Program

How we can help

We understand that the counseling needs of some people in your congregation surpass the time and resources you have available.  A referral to Hope for the Journey Counseling Center gives you the assurance that members of your church family will receive the professional and faith-based care they need. 

We are a community of professional therapists who are committed to serving Jesus Christ and providing quality, clinical counseling through authentic, caring relationships with clients. Our team of therapists have expertise in many areas, including:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression
  • Grief and Loss
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Adolescent counseling
  • Parenting Skills
  • Trauma
  • Sexual Abuse Recovery
  • Addiction
  • Relationship Conflicts
  • Questions of Faith
  • Physical/Mental Disabilities

Our Commitment

We believe that Christ followers should be afforded the opportunity to incorporate their spiritual practices and beliefs into their professional counseling experience.  For example, we help clients by:

  • Unpacking Biblical truth as it applies to their life struggles
  • Praying with and for clients

  • Facilitating restoration and reconciliation in relationship

  • Providing a safe environment to explore God’s grace and forgiveness
upset woman holding her head while a bearded man looks on

We believe that every individual is guided by their spiritual (faith, beliefs and value systems).  It is not our purpose to impose our personal faith or beliefs on anyone or reduce client concerns to simple spiritual issues.  Rather, under the direction from the client and the Holy Spirit, we offer to help integrate spirituality and faith into our clients’ journeys of growth and healing.

Financial Partnership

If your church provides financial assistance to its members for professional counseling, we offer billing services to make the process easy for you and your church members.  We also have reduced rates on services for people who qualify for public assistance.

What your members can expect when you refer them

  • One of our therapists will talk with your church member with 24 hours of their initial phone call to schedule and appointment.
  • Our therapists will treat your members with the care and compassion they need to heal.

  • Our therapists will provide all the pertinent information about the counseling process, faith approach and fees to your members.

  • Our therapist will offer every client the opportunity to sign a release of information to coordinate care with the pastor or church staff member what referred them.

What you can expected when you refer a church member

  • You will receive information regarding the members progress in counseling as outlined by the client in the signed release.

  • Our therapists are available to consult with you regarding questions and concerns you may have about mental health and addiction issues in your congregation.

  • Your members will receive counseling that is in line with their Christian values (see our Faith Affirmations and Mission and Core Values pages).

To make a referral, simply provide our phone number or email to your church member and have them contact us directly.

Phone:  (970) 541-9066 | Email: