Art Journaling

people creating art that says hope

Do you enjoy expressing yourself imaginatively with words and images OR would you enjoy learning?

Are you intrigued by the process of mixing colors, textures and objects to reflect soulful ideas?

Do you enjoy journaling, reading inspiring quotes or reflecting on new ideas as a means of gaining wisdom and insight into your life?

If so, please join me on Saturday mornings with other inspired women to share the creative process!


What are the benefits of attending an art journaling class?

  • Your soul will be fed with creative practice and the chance to express your desires, dreams, struggles & reflections through mixed media.

  • You get to take time away from the busyness of life and nurture your mind and heart.

  • You will experience a safe and accepting place to learn new ways of creating and share your thoughts and challenges with other sojourners.

The details

  • Prior to class, you will receive an email with the class theme and journaling prompts to help you begin preparing ideas for your page. You will have access to several Pinterest Boards dedicated to our theme (watch out...this can be addictive!).

  • Each class will begin with live demonstrations teaching 3-4 creative skills and techniques.  During class, I will be available to offer style, color or design ideas and personalized assistance. 

  • All the art materials and creative supplies are provided.  All you have to bring is a mixed media journal.

When do we meet?  One Saturday a month from 9 am-12 noon; email or call for the current schedule and theme. 

Where do we meet?  At Hope for the Journey Counseling in Loveland, located at 1401 South Taft Avenue, Suite 206.

Cost?  $40 includes art materials and instruction.  You just bring a mixed media journal and your inspirations.  There are only 8 openings for each class so, please register early by calling or texting Stacey Blank at (970) 381-1239.


About the Instructor

stacey blank is a therapist and art journalism instructor


Hi, my name is Stacey.  I’m a therapist and my friends call me an artist (I’m still getting used to the idea myself).  I began creating when I was a little girl…paints, glue sticks, rocks and leaves, easy bake ovens, indoor and outdoor forts, mudpies, playdoh and anything that could be made into something new.  I’ve taken drawing, painting and pottery classes here and there, but nothing formal.

I just love to create! It brings me joy and feeds my soul.  I learned about Art Journaling from a friend and decided I wanted to share it with other friends and clients who also find creating a soulful expression.  You really don’t need to be “artistic” or have any drawing or painting skills.  You just have to be willing to let your creative spirit roam free!  Come join us if you are up for adventure!!!